SFI Group

Established in 2004 as a provider of air-conditioning and related maintenance services for commercial buildings, SFI Group has grown its original Cape Town based business to a national footprint with operations in Johannesburg and Durban.
We are a trusted partner to some of the largest commercial and industrial property owners and management companies in the country and we are leaders in the field of HVAC maintenance.

With a proven track record in the provision of Technical Services, we provide customers with a service that exactly fulfils their maintenance requirements. We pride ourselves in offering professional services that supports the building or facilities manager in enhancing the performance of the asset.

Our teams of electrical, electronic and mechanical engineers and technicians provide all necessary maintenance and support, ensuring that facilities’ services run optimally. The resulting intimate knowledge of the performance history of the system, site and client is a major customer benefit.

SFI Group specialise in the servicing and maintenance of all aspects of commercial air-conditioning systems including:

  • Chiller plants,
  • Water Treatment,
  • IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) analysis,
  • Electrical & electronic infrastructure maintenance
  • Remote monitoring of air conditioning plants
  • Energy optimization, and
  • Retrofit projects for HVAC systems

Operating divisions:

Our company is structured in three operating divisions.

  • Maintenance
  • Retrofit Projects
  • Special Products

Our core focus is successful maintenance management which requires highly effective control systems and hands-on management.
Modern centralised HVAC systems are complex and integrate with other building management systems (BMS). Our Computerised Maintenance Management System ‘talks’ to these BMS identifying and monitoring HVAC system performance which our experienced personnel interpret to deliver optimum performance while pre-empting plant system failure or disruptive breakdowns.

Our centralised computerised management system means that all work is tracked through the Help Desk which operates on a 24/7 basis, providing clients with faster response, constant job status and feedback. Our field staff are equipped with PDA units (Personal Digital Assistants) linked to our data storage server, allowing a customer’s equipment data and job status to be uploaded and stored for instant access. Clients therefore have invaluable access to the real time status of plant operation and or a repair situation.

Skilled People - Valued Relationships - Flawless Execution

To provide the commercial building environment with integrated maintenance solution

To provide technical maintenance solutions which support property owners in their efforts to enhance the performance of their assets through our:
* Dedicated people * Enhanced technology * Superior processes