Providing Energy Efficient Solutions
at Grand West Casino

Grand West Casino’s main Casino air handling units have been in operation for over 22 years and been exposed to Cape Town’s weather elements and contamination from surrounding industrial areas- an upgrade was highly recommended. The first phase of the project was the replacement of the chilled water coils on four of the air handling […]

Shift to clean air tech can reduce energy costs by up to 25%

As commercial property owners and managers look for every available competitive edge to attract and retain good tenants, great indoor air quality (IAQ) has become more than just a compelling sales point. UV-C disinfection systems are not only delivering cleaner, healthier air, but can reduce energy costs by up to 25%. “South African commercial property […]


COVID-19 has rapidly accelerated our understanding of the impact of ambient air on health and, in response, so too should our approach to how we operate buildings. Literature reviews by agencies such as the World Health Organisation (WHO) and others have shown that long-term exposure to ambient air pollution increases mortality and morbidity from cardiovascular, […]

The Importance of Ecological Refrigerants

By: Kritika Lalloo Throughout HVAC history, the phasing-out of refrigerants and the introduction of new refrigerants such as combination blends of two or more refrigerants or using natural refrigerants have become exponential complex when choosing the ideal refrigerant for the application. The main criteria when choosing refrigerants is due to environmental impact therefore each refrigerant […]

SA corporates can achieve hospital-grade indoor air quality to give them the edge

Two years of Covid restrictions have given employers a taste of just how complex managing airborne pandemics will be in future. But smart managers have already understood the business benefits of supplying hospital-quality air management in our offices. From property owners looking to secure high-end, long-term tenants, to CEOs hoping to attract and retain scarce […]

Woolworths Head Office Computer Room Phase 7 & 8

Phased replacement of exciting Lieberg CRAC water – cooled units with new Airdale and Stulz CRAC water – cooled units. The existing BMS was integrated to the new units and graphics updated. Following this project, SFI have embarked on a new installation for a prestigious client on behalf of Stulz, one if the biggest computer […]

Cavendish Square

Replacement of 6 Baltimore cooling towers, cranage and rigging. Controls and electrical work and piping modifications.

Bedford Center

Major refurbishment to Central Chilled Water Plant, including Chiller replacement, Cooling Tower replacement, AHU refurbishment and BMS installation.

The Oval Office Park

Replace exciting chillers with new TRANE air-cooled chillers. Upgrade of controls

Longkloof Studios

Upgrade unitary equipment to chiller water fan coil units. Installation of chillers and piping. Installation of BMS system for remote monitoring and adjustments to the air-conditioning system