The benefits of digitisation, such as automation, connectivity, speed, and improved productivity, are available for air conditioning.

Modern centralised HVAC systems are complex and integrate with other building management systems (BMS).

That’s why SFI offers a Computerised Maintenance Management System that ‘talks’ to these BMS, and quickly identifies and monitors HVAC system performance. Our experienced personnel are able to interpret this information to deliver optimum performance while pre-empting plant system failure or disruptive breakdowns.

The Benefits of SFI’s Computerised Maintenance Management System

Pre-empt breakdownsRealtime dashboardOptimise maintenanceMinimise downtime

24 Hours

Our centralised computerised management system means that all work is tracked through the Help Desk which operates on a 24/7 basis, providing clients with faster response, constant job status and feedback.

Our field staff are equipped with PDA units (Personal Digital Assistants) linked to our data storage server, allowing a customer’s equipment data and job status to be uploaded and stored for instance access.

Clients have invaluable access to the real time status of plant operation and or a repair situation.

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