Portable Air Purifiers for Small Spaces

Give your office or meeting room a breath of fresh air
with SFI’s expert solution:

Whether you are working from home or a small office, keeping your environment clean and free of allergens can be easier than ever.

The Streamer Air Purifier cleans 99% of pollutants in the air with its internally mounted HEPA filter and carbon filter. Installation and replacement filters are hassle-free, so that you don’t need to contact an HVAC professional every few months just because your dirty air filter needs a change out.

This means that allergy season will be better than ever!

What does an air purifier do?

There are many natural and harmless particles in the air. However, the particles that are allergens and chemical contaminants destroy the health benefits of clean air. It is vitally important to remove and destroy the allergens and chemical contaminants in the air.

Air purifiers are designed to do this effectively and efficiently. Air purifiers produce clean air that is fit to breath. They also filter out the particles that produce unwanted smells, contributing to a healthy, comfortable environment.

Introducing the Latest Daikin
Streamer Technology

“Streamer Discharge” is a type of plasma discharge in which high-speed electrons collide with oxygen and nitrogen molecules, which then become activated and capable of oxidative decomposition of bacteria.

This type of discharge has the ability to eliminate bacteria and mould as well as hazardous chemical substances and allergens, etc. Compared to standard plasma discharge (glow discharge), the discharge range of Daikin’s Streamer Discharge is wider, which makes it easier for electrons to collide with the oxygen and nitrogen molecules in the air.

This enables activated molecules to be generated three dimensionally over a wide area, which results in an oxidative decomposition speed that is over 1,000 times greater with the same electrical power.

Daikin Air Purifier

For the healthiest, most comfortable space for you and your team.

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Why Choose the Daikin Air Purifier?

With exclusive features like super-quiet operation and a sensor that detects harmful particles in the air, you can take comfort in knowing you are breathing cleaner air today for a healthier tomorrow!


 Breathing clean air is one of the joys of life and is certainly a major health benefit. Clean air delivered at the right humidity and in the right place is a perfect foundation for optimal comfort.

 Daikin’s air purifiers filter out particles, allergens and unpleasant odours to deliver clean air for you to breathe and so optimising your comfort levels and reducing health risks.


 Our air purifiers put you in total control of where and when clean air is delivered.

 The compact size and light weight allows you to place the air purifier where it is needed, and the simple-to-operate but highly sophisticated controls put you in total control of flow rate, humidity levels and scheduling of use.

Energy efficiency

 It would not be a Daikin product if it had anything less than the highest level of energy efficiency. Like all our products and systems, our air purifiers are highly energy-efficient and this is enhanced by special sensors that detect the level of pollutants in the air and switch the unit on and off accordingly, while timers allow automatic air purification to be scheduled. A Daikin air purifier is genuinely good for the environment in more ways than one.


 Daikin products are renowned for their reliability. And you can rely on SFI’s premium service to match.

What are allergens?

Allergens are impurities in the air that can trigger an allergic reaction. In an urban environment, a blend of these allergens and other airborne impurities (adjuvant substances) such as Diesel Exhaust Particles (DEPs) and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) can produce heavy allergens.

These can result in aggravated breathing symptoms, negative health effects, and the onset of latent allergies.

How does the decomposition mechanism
of Streamer technology work?

The massive streamer discharge hits the viruses, decomposing and fragmenting their surface proteins, which are then destroyed through oxidation thus rendering the virus safe. The streamer discharge then breaks down into safe nitrogen and oxygen atoms and water molecules.

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