Improved air, energy and water efficiency

Air conditioning is one of the highest users of energy, with more than 50% of energy going towards air conditioning in a standard office block. At SFI we believe there is a better way.

SFI Specify Eurovent Certified +A Filters

Leaders in HVAC maintenance, the SFI Group are now able to offer clients Eurovent +A certified filters for retrofitting in air handling units, promising a substantial reduction in energy consumption while maintaining superior air quality and long life.

SFI has partnered with Camfil, a leading European filter manufacturer with its roots in Sweden. SFI will regularly import bulk orders exclusively for its client base and will monitor performance and maintenance requirements. Camfil filters are shipped with a Eurovent performance certificate.

Filters used in air-handling units can contribute up to 30% of total air conditioning energy consumption.

Most locally made filters prioritise selling price over energy rating but developments in Europe with new fabrics that maintain efficiency with a reduced pressure drop mean that less energy is consumed by the fan motors. A further benefit of these improved fabrics is less washing and longer life.

Research indicates that the premium paid for the advantages of a high efficiency filter (lower pressure drop, longer life) far outweighs the initial lower cost of a standard filter when the total cost of ownership is calculated.

Energy efficient systems saves money

SFI maintains that by choosing the right filter, (e.g. an F7 for its efficiency and its very low average pressure drop,) energy savings can be made whilst maintaining a high level of indoor air quality (IAQ). Considering that the air filter is the most expensive and simplest component to change, savings soon become evident.

As a rule of thumb, for a typical installation running for half of the time over one year, one additional Pascal in pressure drop adds €1 per filter in extra energy costs. A badly designed filter construction could add a 50 Pascal pressure drop compared to a well-engineered filter, even if it claims to have the same efficiency. In other words it adds €50 extra to the annual energy bill, for every filter. At today’s exchange rate that equates to R15.00 per filter per Pascal.

New energy efficiency classification

Buyers of air filters will find it a lot easier to find the right filter combining energy efficiency and IAQ. Eurovent’s, new, objective energy efficiency classification has now been implemented which grades all air filters on a scale from A+ to E-. A+ for the lowest energy consumption and E for the highest. The classification is based on EN779:2012 and gives a clear and precise understanding of annual energy consumption, initial and minimum efficiency” said Hector.

New standard simplifies correct selection

The new EN779:2012 standard helps to eradicate a number of problems. One of these is presented by electrostatic charged synthetic filters. While such filters can demonstrate the good initial filtration efficiency, they discharge extremely rapidly. This entails a considerable deterioration in their air-cleaning ability which can compromise the health of tenants or customers.

Eurovent Energy Efficiency label

The new labeling system will be displayed on standard filter boxes. There are two different ways of execution.

 Caelus Recessed LED Panels

The Caelus LED panel makes use of back lit technology thus doing away with components such as light guides making it 30% more efficient. The panel driver incorporates the  built in Switch Dim technology with a 30 000 hours factory warranty. An option of a 50 000 hour driver is currently in development. The new WiFi controlled dual light panel is also available.

Energy saving
Backlit design
Plug and play
Uniform and glare free lighting
Fits into existing  suspended ceilings
Full range dimming