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For air conditioning maintenance services that save you time, money, and downtime in the future.

Successful air conditioner maintenance management requires effective control systems and proper management. In a complex maintenance environment, it’s essential to first implement the underlying technology – the Computerised Maintenance Management System – then back it up with experienced personnel who will deliver a solution that meets client requirements.

Premium Air Conditioning Maintenance

SFI Group specialises in the service and maintenance of all aspects of commercial air-conditioning systems including:

Packaged Air Conditioning Maintenance Solutions

Our team of multi-skilled engineers and technicians provide all necessary maintenance and support, ensuring that HVAC services run optimally. The resulting intimate knowledge of the performance history of the system, site and client is a major customer benefit.

  • Highly specialised chiller maintenance
  • Cooling Tower refurbishments
  • Building Management Systems (BMS) maintenance
  • Reduced call-out / repair cost with on-site personnel
  • Water Treatment Management
  • Supply of Air Filtration Products
  • High Tension and Low Tension electrical maintenance
  • Risk analysis
  • Energy optimisation
  • Lamping Services

Leading Air Conditioning Technology Backed by Friendly Expertise, in Your Neighbourhood

Maintenance is our core business activity and delivered through a computerised maintenance management  system. We operate in all major centres of the Republic and our maintenance programmes comprise preventative as well as reactive maintenance. Clients also have access to our 24/7 helpdesk for immediate response and world-class service.

We’ve built solid alliances with the best equipment suppliers through direct investment or strategic partnerships to ensure that our clients get the best value package to meet their maintenance needs.

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