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“Commitment to customer service excellence begins with the knowledge that our people will determine our success"

Successful maintenance management requires effective control systems and proper management. In a complex maintenance environment, it’s essential to first implement the underlying technology – the Computerised Maintenance Management System – then back it up with experienced personnel who will deliver a solution that meets client requirements.

We’ve built solid alliances with the best equipment suppliers through direct investment or strategic partnerships to ensure that our clients get the best value package to meet their maintenance needs.

Packaged Solutions

  • Highly specialised chiller maintenance
  • Cooling Tower refurbishments
  • Building Management Systems (BMS) maintenance
  • Reduced call-out / repair cost with on-site personnel
  • Water Treatment Management
  • Supply of Air Filtration Products
  • High Tension and Low Tension electrical maintenance
  • Risk analysis
  • Energy optimisation
  • Lamping Services

Our team of multi-skilled engineers and technicians provide all necessary maintenance and support, ensuring that HVAC services run optimally. The resulting intimate knowledge of the performance history of the system, site and client is a major customer benefit.

SFI Group specialise in the servicing and maintenance of all aspects of commercial air-conditioning systems including:

  • Chiller plants,
  • Water Treatment,
  • IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) analysis,
  • Electrical & electronic infrastructure maintenance
  • Remote monitoring of air conditioning plants
  • Energy optimization, and
  • Retrofit projects for HVAC systems

Operating divisions:
Our company is structured in three operating divisions.

  • Maintenance
  • Retrofit Projects
  • Special Products

Our core focus is successful maintenance management which requires highly effective control systems and hands-on management.

Modern centralised HVAC systems are complex and integrate with other building management systems (BMS). Our Computerised Maintenance Management System ‘talks’ to these BMS identifying and monitoring HVAC system performance which our experienced personnel interpret to deliver optimum performance while pre-empting plant system failure or disruptive breakdowns.

Our centralised computerised management system means that all work is tracked through the Help Desk which operates on a 24/7 basis, providing clients with faster response, constant job status and feedback. Our field staff are equipped with PDA units (Personal Digital Assistants) linked to our data storage server, allowing a customer’s equipment data and job status to be uploaded and stored for instance access. Clients therefore have invaluable access to the real time status of plant operation and or a repair situation.


Maintenance is our core business activity and delivered through a computerised maintenance management system. We operate in all major centres of the Republic and our maintenance programmes comprise preventative as well as reactive maintenance.

Retrofit Projects

Our specialised unit has expertise in retrofitting new or upgraded components to existing plant and equipment where age related replacement is necessary or where clients are committed to green technologies and improvements in energy efficiency.

Recent project include:

Old Mutual Fitting latest technology Richard NLM diffusers R7-million
Metropolitan Kimberley Replacement of chiller plant and upgrade of boilers R9-million
Monteclare Place Installation of BMS system R0,7-million

Special Products

The Caelus LED panel makes use of back lit technology thus doing away with components such as light guides making it 30% more efficient. The panel driver incorporates the built in Switch Dim technology with a 30 000 hours factory warranty. An option of a 50 000 hour driver is currently in...
SFI Specify Eurovent Certified +A Filters Leaders in HVAC maintenance, the SFI Group are now able to offer clients Eurovent +A certified filters for retrofitting in air handling units, promising a substantial reduction in energy consumption while maintaining superior air quality and long life. SFI...