Caelus Recessed LED Panels

  The Caelus LED panel makes use of back lit technology thus doing away with components such as light guides making it 30% more efficient. The panel driver incorporates the  built in Switch Dim technology with a 30 000 hours factory warranty. An option of a 50 000 hour driver is currently in development. The new WiFi controlled dual light panel is also available.  
  • Energy saving
  • Backlit design
  • Plug and play
  • Uniform and glare free lighting
  • Fits into existing  suspended  ceilings
  • Full range dimming
  • No zebra patterned lighting associated with side lit panels
  • Switch Dim allows lighting control from  existing  light switch
Model No. CLP045001CB CLP08501 ICB
Size 595 X 595mm 595  x 1.195mm
Lamp Type SMD LED bars with  Lens SMD LED bars with  Lens
LED Qty. 7 x 7W bars with  49pcs 1 4 x  7W  bars with 98pcs
  Power Supply 45W Switch-Dim Driver 85W Switch-Dim Driver
  Input Voltage 230VAC 230VAC
  Input Power 42.3W 8.5W
  Dimmable Yes Yes
  Luminous  Flux 35001m 68001m
  Luminance Efficacy 82.41m/W 801m/W
  Colour Render (CRI) 80 80
  Colour Range WW CW DL' WW CW DL'
  Viewing Angle 145° 145°
  Dimension 595 x  595 x 50mm 1200 x  595  x 50mm
  Connection 3mt cable with 5amp  plug 3mt cable with 5amp  plug
  Weight 4.032kg 7.553kg